Pasture Raised Chickens

We strive to feed our animals the cleanest, most sustainable diet we can, because you are what you eat!

Our chickens are NEVER fed medicated feed. Egg layers are given soaked non-gmo grains in the morning and kitchen/garden scraps in the evening. All while enjoying a 1 acre run to find tons of yummy bugs and worms daily!

Our meat chickens are started the same way, with ACV (Apple cider vinegar), garlic, and honey (Magic Water) to boost their immune systems. Then moved into chicken tractors that we move twice a day to fresh grass, all while being fed the same non-gmo grains.

We harvest and package our chickens humanely on farm. Trying to show respect for each bird, using even the blood and feathers on our gardens to fertilize the soil.

This is also why we created our Organic Swanky Chicken Rub! We want to use every bit of the whole bird so we enjoy roasting them and then using the bones for bone broth.

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