Kinder Goats

Our Kinder Goat herd provides milk for our goat milk caramels and goat milk soaps

Kinders are a multipurpose breed created in the 1980s by Pat Showalter. Generally the dam is a registered Nubian doe and the sire is a registered Pygmy buck. The Nubian heritage brings a sweet creamy, high butterfat milk to the smaller meaty package of a Pygmy. The milk is great for cheese making, ice cream, yogurt, and delicious for drinking! The Pygmy heritage brings a smaller frame and easier to handle goat for young children and adults! The Pygmy also adds a great meaty carcass to the frame dressing out at 60% hanging weight! These little goats can do it all for your homestead, providing meat and milk for years to come! 

Our herd of Kinders are all tested yearly for Johnnes, CAE, CL, and Brucellosis. They are all registered with the Kinder Goat Breeders Association, (KGBA). Most of our girls milk approximately 1 quart of milk after being separated from their babies for 12 hours. We dam raise our kids and leave them with mom as much as possible. We want to keep everything on our farm as close to natural as possible, which is why we also herbally deworm using Molly’s Herbals and pasture rotate to manage wormload for our goats. We hope to offer kids for sale each year in the East TN area. Please contact us if interested in reserving a kid for the coming year.

Our Kinder Goats

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