Pastured Organic Whole Chicken


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This is to reserve ONE of our pastured whole chickens for the 2022 season. Our first harvest will be at the end of June and the next will be in September. Please notice the dates you are purchasing, in the drop down box below. This is a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit and will go towards the cost of the bird you receive.

Each bird is fed an organic, no soy feed from day one and NEVER given any medication or antibiotics of any kind. Once moved out of the brooder they are moved twice daily to fresh grass to keep them healthy and give them plenty of access to fresh grass and bugs. We harvest and package on farm humanely to ensure these birds only have one bad day.

These are ONLY available for local pickup at our farm in Knoxville, TN the week after harvest. We aim for each whole bird to weigh between 5-6 lbs, sometimes smaller but most hit that size. Each bird will be weighed and priced at $7/lb, These are not just someone else’s dinner, these are our birds for our freezer as well. We sell the exact same birds that we feed our children. We only sell our best to you and know you will be getting a superior product from our farm.

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