Holistic Goat Course

Join us on the front porch swing as we talk all things goat! From birth to harvest, we cover all your burning questions in between. We share our decades of experience growing up surrounded by agriculture, my husband’s engineering background to build, and my animal science degree to know your animal well! This course has been a labor of love to share the holistic side of goat care and we hope you’ll join us as we share our triumphs and failures. We hope this helps you navigate the world of owning your own goats and enjoy it while you’re at it!

What will you find in this course? SO glad you asked!

  • Goat Breeds and Uses
  • Finding your goats
  • Herd Testing basics
  • Essentials for Goats
  • Infrastructure Guide
  • Bucks and Breeding
  • Kidding
  • Milking
  • Raising and Harvesting Your own goats

There will also be helpful bonus content included, such as…….

  • Mineral Feeder Instructional Build guide
  • Hoof Trimming Video
  • Disbudding Video
  • Mozzarella Cheese Recipe
  • Rack of Goat Recipe
  • Natural Fly Spray Recipe
  • Teat/Udder Wash Recipe
  • Kidding list
  • Resource Guide

One thing I love to do is sit and talk about my goats. So this has been a complete honor and tribute to these sweet little animals who provide so much for our family. They have taken care of us so well the least I can do is help you get started with your own sweet little goats. This is for the beginner goat owner who hasn’t a clue where to start but is eager to take well care of their herd. What is stopping you from adding these guys to your farm?

Goat kids are the best and always want to play!

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