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My FAVORITE bar! I’ve been washing my hair with goat milk shampoo bars for over two years and I absolutely love the simplicity and nourishment they provide! It has a wonderful scent complete with Veviter essential oil to give an uplifting and mood enhancing experience! This is a MUST have in my house and I hope you love it just as much! ❤️

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4 reviews for Signature Shampoo Bar

  1. jeanna.watson (verified owner)

    Ok, this is my 2nd review of the shampoo bar because I’ve had even more time to use it and ordered a 2nd bar to make sure I have a backup for when my original bar gets near the end (never wanna run out)! For anyone with curly hair, this bar is a WIN!!!!

    I have curly hair, and curly hair is finicky and requires moisture on moisture. I use satin pillowcases and all that fun stuff to keep moisture in my curls. Well, I have now used this shampoo bar several times since I got it (I have other shampoo bars I’m *trying* to finish up and not waste). Last night, I did NOT use a conditioner, went to sleep with hair still 50% wet and piled it up on my head with a satin scrunchy, and I have such happy hair this morning! You can barely tell I have bed head and haven’t done ANYTHING to my hair except take it out of the scrunchy and shake it out! I only washy my hair every couple of weeks (I wash/scrub with water in between) because I don’t want my hair dried out, and have healthy scalp/hair, and keep my hair covered most days (1 COR 11). The shampoo bar is truly superior to any other I’ve tried, and I’ve tried a LOTTTTT over the years!

  2. jeanna.watson (verified owner)

    Y’all, I e used MANNNNNY shampoo bars over the last 30 years and I don’t know what kind of magic goes into these, but it’s literally the BEST one I’ve EVER tried! The lather is the richest creamiest indulgence. I usually have to lather up twice with most any shampoo bar, but that’s not the case with this one, and my hair was sooooo clean and felt very different from any other bars. I’m waiting on a few out of stock items (lip gloss and face cream), and I’m gonna stock up on these shampoo bars!

  3. Lodema Burgess (verified owner)

    This was my first time using a shampoo bar and I’ll never go back! My hair feels lighter and cleaner than it every did with other products. So glad I tried it!!

  4. Sandy H. (verified owner)

    Never used bar shampoo, but it’s easier than I thought. Just rub it on your scalp and it lathers up nicely. Leaves hair soft and shiny !

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