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Our elderberry syrup is a 16 ounce glass bottle made from all organic herbs and spices, local raw honey from the Great Smoky Mountains, and what really makes it special is the FRESH organic ginger put in every pot!

We ship these in insulated bags with an ice pack by Priority Mail to ensure a speedy delivery and a fresh product. If you think you might want two, you can order two and select a Priority Flat Rate box for only $3 more than it costs to ship one bottle!

* We do NOT ship on Fridays or Saturdays. We don’t like risking it sitting in the post office an extra day on Sunday. We will however ship all orders, placed by 12 pm on Friday, on Monday morning. Any orders placed after 12 pm on Friday or over the weekend will go out on Tuesday morning. Thanks for being so supportive of our small farm!

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16 reviews for Elderberry Syrup

  1. Sara Lucy (verified owner)

    Fantastic! It is beautifully packaged, and tastes heavenly. Thank you Cortney and family!

  2. Rita C.

    The elderberry syrup is wonderful! It tastes good and I think it really makes a difference in keeping my family healthy! I also buy it for my niece who teaches kindergarten. This is our second year using it and everyone has stayed healthy.
    I especially love being able to buy it freshly made from someone local!

  3. pearlene u.

    Great to have a local business that makes elderberry syrup for when we need some. We all took a tablespoon during the winter months to keep our immunity boosted. Thanks!

  4. Debbie E.

    The Elderberry syrup is amazing! I would give it 10 stars if possible! Our family has remained healthy thanks to you all! Merry Christmas, and thanks again for all your hard work!

  5. Megan T.

    Yummy elderberry! So thankful for this wonderful family who makes it so delicious. Keep up the good work.

  6. Crystal M.

    Great product, Fast shipping and so glad this is locally made!

  7. Stephanie L.

    My grandkids love it! They say it tastes like Christmas. It’s a must have!

  8. Rita N.

    Good syrup!

  9. Peggy R.

    Love the elderberry syrup. Always packaged up and arrives safely. You guys are amazing.

  10. Clarice B.

    It really does taste like “Christmas Syrup”, as one of your other customers called it! Seems to help the immune system, too. Thanks for a great product!

    Clarice Boston

  11. Peggy R.

    Your elderberry syrup is great. But let me tell you all, those salted caramels are delicious.

  12. Daphne G.

    Bought my first couple bottles of this a few months back. Have had no sickness, other than normal evil allergies. I don’t think there is ANYTHING to help with that! lol Was getting low & ordered another couple bottles. Sure don’t want to run out!! Not only does it seem to keep us healthy, it tastes good too!!! Thanks for keeping us healthy & away from the doctors office!!!

  13. Peggy R.

    Thank you again for sending the seasoning packs in with our elderberry syrup. Was such a nice surprise. Congratulations and ease stay safe.

  14. Brenda H.

    It’s wonderful. Thank you!!!

  15. David L.

    It’s at least 10 Stars. It’s quality and taste really appeals to me. It is far superior to the health food store mass-produced elderberry elixirs. I have tried every other type in my town. They all don’t taste good nor do I trust their efficacy. So many merchants had problems ( after testing)with having reduced potency and sometimes not even any-even GNC. It wouldn’t surprise me that the others were actually made in China where they are having the Corona Virus. Therefore, trust is what they might produce is highly questionable because of possible contamination with the virus from the employees. So, IMO a small-batch This is a high-quality product and produce and small business producer is the only way to go. GET ONLY THIS ONE!!Trust none of the others and their sneaky advertising and claims.
    The shipping to FL from TN was 3 days and was impeccable packaging.

    • Store Owner

      Thank you so much for this awesome and very kind review! Reviews really do mean the world to small businesses and I am so thankful for customers like you who take the time to do one! We really do try to have a superior product not only for you but for our own family as well! Thank you so much again! I hope you and yours are staying well!

  16. Rita N.

    It seems to do the trick. I gave it to my little grandkids. Both had been running a fever and had stuffy noses. We have a difficult time getting them to take anything. After coaxing and pleading with them to take some “Christmas syrup”, they finally did, and both were much improved the next day! I think there is a marketing slogan there. It does taste like Christmas!

    • Store Owner

      I just saw this review! Thank you so much! I’m so glad the grands liked it and it helped them feel better! It is “Christmas in a jar”! Hope it continues to keep ya’ll well! Thanks so much again for the review and thank you for supporting our small farm!

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